Note to everyone:

If another parent is going to watch your child for 20+ hours a week, make sure you tell them important things. What are some important things, you may ask? Oh, I don't know. Stuff like,

"My child does not like (fill in the blank) to eat"
"He naps at (fill in the blank) O' clock"
"He wears pull ups now, but is not quite potty trained"
Another important little bit of information would include:
"He can climb out of the crib now"

Well, wouldn't that have been good to know previously to my attempts at a normal napping schedule? Then this would not have happened:
Amazingly, there is nary a scratch/bruise/bump/mark on him! He just really didn't want to nap. And I am not sad about this cheesy sunset picture anyway (it's one of those awful 'light up and move' things, complete with ocean sound and rocking water. It reminds me of something a gay couple in Hillcrest would have featured on their wall. No offense to that gay couple, I just hate this style). I never liked it much, but inherited it when Bryan and I got married.
Anyway, I just need to remember to replace it with something unbreakable, like concrete.

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Edeninc said...

I busted out laughing when you apologized to the gay couple. I hate those stupid fake moving pictures too. Very Swap Meet. He did you a favor!